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Exhausts, Mufflers & Cats

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Is your exhaust noisey or smelly?

Get your exhaust, muffler, cat or catalytic converter, fitted today by one of our local Payless Tyres branches. Call now for a free quote.

Standard exhausts serve three main functions in a car: 

  1. Convert poisonous gases produced by a car’s engine into an environmentally safe output.
  2. Reduce engine noise.
  3. Improve your fuel performance.

We either stock or can source, any exhaust part or section from our trusted network of suppliers within 24 hours. This means that you can rest assured that at Payless, we can fix your exhaust system.

The main elements of an exhaust system are:

Catalytic Converters & Manifold Cats: These are exhaust emission control devices that reduce toxic gases and pollutants from the internal combustion engine into less-toxic pollutants. These have sensors attached that tell the vehicle ECU that things are either good or bad, with the engine’s output.

Mufflers: This device helps reduce the amount of noise produced by your engine while also controlling the backpressure of the engine. It can improve the endurance and performance of your car engine. and usually sits in the middle of your exhaust system.

Tail Pipes or Back Box: These are the rear section of the exhaust pipe that also create back pressure and they also direct any harmful hydrocarbons away from the car passengers.

For total peace of mind, our expert mechanics only use high quality brands & parts.

Common Exhaust Failure Issues

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The Single Biggest Cause Of Exhaust System Failure

The biggest cause of exhaust system failure is rust.
Rust usually works from the inside out. A mixture of water and sulphuric acid in exhaust gases corrodes pipes and the internal baffling of the muffler barrel.
Exhaust systems tend to corrode more quickly in vehicles used for short journeys. In this case, the muffler does not reach high enough temperatures to ‘dry out’, leaving the water and acid to accelerate the rusting process.

Danger Signs You Should Look Out For

If the smell of fuel or oil, no matter how slight, is detected within the passenger compartment, the system could be leaking and lethal carbon monoxide levels may be building up.
In this instance you should stop driving your vehicle immediately and bring your vehicle in for inspection.


A smelly car exhaust usually means that something is going wrong. It could be leaking fluids, a failing catalytic converter, or imbalanced air/fuel mix due to a faulty sensor. Call your local Payless to have it assessed.

A noisey or rattling exhaust can mean a couple of different things. It could be your catalytic converter has failed and is rattling in it’s housing. You could have a broken hanger and the system is vibrating against the body or chassis. Or it could be something else within the system has failed and needs an expert to diagnose the noise.

The average cost for exhaust pipe replacement here at Payless is between $150 and $650. This is a guide price as all cars and exhaust parts are different. Some cars may require a new catalytic converter and some may only need a simple pipe replacement. Please call your local branch for a comprehensive quote.

Your vehicle’s exhaust system keeps the car quiet and also keeps the exhaust fumes away from the cabin. Furthermore, the exhaust system helps to keep the engine running properly, reduce emissions, and provide you with optimum fuel efficiency. So, Driving with an exhaust leak is potentially dangerous as the fumes contain carbon monoxide and can contaminate the cabin of your vehicle.

Modern car exhausts are typically made from steel and should last for around five years. Some are made from stainless steel, titanium, aluminised steel and should last for the lifetime of the car (unless they’re damaged). 

Regular car exhausts are made from steel or stainless steel. There are only a limited amount of regularly used materials, which are: Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel alloys, Aluminised Steel and Titanium. The most common materials used in the automotive industry, outside of motorsports, are steel and stainless steels.

Rusty Exhaust Muffler - Payless Tyres

All work and parts guaranteed for 12 months or 20,000km

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