A car’s suspension maximises the friction between the tyres and the road surface, to ensure steering stability, good handling and passenger comfort.

Dips and bumps in the road cause a vehicle’s wheels to move up and down (called ‘vertical acceleration’) as they pass over the imperfection. How much the wheels move depends, of course, on the size of the dip or bump.

The suspension system absorbs the energy of the wheels’ movements, allowing the frame and body of the car to ride undisturbed while the wheels follow the variations in the road surface

The suspension system – shocks and struts

Two important components of the suspension system are the shock absorbers (or ‘shocks’) and struts.

Your car’s shocks and struts absorb the dips and bumps that your car encounters on the road.


  • Struts are basically large cylinders with large springs inside of them under pressure.

  • The struts help hold the wheels in place.

  • Struts are the major factor in stabilising your car when driving.


  • Shocks are located behind the vehicle’s wheels. They are long tubes with a slightly smaller tube that slides inside.

  • These tubes are filled with fluid under pressure to provide the proper suspension for your vehicle.

  • The shocks (together with the springs inside the struts) minimise the bouncing involved when you drive over dips and bumps and provide a smoother ride.

If your shocks or struts get worn out, your car will tend to bump or bounce around more than it should. If not attended to, this can become dangerous.

So if you have noticed your car bouncing too much after dips and bumps in the road or if you hear odd sounds coming from the wheels, these might be signs that your vehicle needs new shocks or struts.

Payless Tyres and Brakes are suspension specialists

Need help fixing or diagnosing problems with your vehicle’s shocks or struts?

At Payless Tyres and Brakes, we provide one of the best repair and replacement services for shocks and struts on the north side of Sydney.

We provide free estimates and diagnostics, and have the best technicians of any workshop in our local area. We can handle any steering or suspension issue including broken parts, strange sounds and leaking fluid.

Some indicators of steering and suspension problems

  • Your vehicle wobbles or bounces while driving.

  • The tyres are wearing heavily on one side more than the other.

  • When driving straight you have to hold the wheel more to the left or right.

  • When you drive over bumps or dips it feels like your car offers no support.

Drop in for a suspension inspection

If your vehicle is showing any of these indicators regularly, Payless Tyres and Brakes suggests you bring it in for an inspection and our experienced technician will diagnose the problem.

If you are unsure or simply have questions to ask, then please give us call today and talk to one of our friendly staff members.

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