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Car Engine

Car Batteries

Car Battery Replacement

If your car battery is aging or experiencing issues, our workshop offers seamless battery replacement services. We provide high-quality, reliable batteries to ensure your vehicle starts reliably, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Charging System Inspection

A healthy charging system is crucial for maintaining a properly functioning car battery. We conduct comprehensive inspections of alternators, voltage regulators, and other components to ensure your charging system operates optimally.

Battery Testing and Maintenance

Regular battery testing and maintenance are essential for preventing unexpected breakdowns. Our technicians conduct routine tests, clean terminals, and provide necessary maintenance to extend the life of your car battery.

Batter Terminal Cleaning

Over time, corrosion can build up on battery terminals, affecting the electrical connection. Our workshop provides thorough cleaning of battery terminals, ensuring a clean and secure connection.

Battery Recycling

Proper disposal of old or worn-out batteries is crucial for environmental sustainability. Our workshop adheres to responsible battery recycling practices, ensuring the safe disposal of old batteries.

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