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Mechanical Work


Engine Overhall

When it comes to major mechanical work, our skilled technicians specialize in engine overhauls. Whether addressing issues related to worn-out components, damaged pistons, or cylinder head problems, we meticulously restore your engine to peak condition.

Differential Repais

If you're encountering issues with your vehicle's differential, our workshop provides comprehensive repairs. From fixing leaks to addressing gear and bearing problems, we ensure your differential functions smoothly.

Transmission Repairs and Rebuilds

Our workshop offers expert transmission services, from repairs to complete rebuilds. Whether you're experiencing slipping gears, unusual noises, or other transmission issues, our technicians are equipped to diagnose and address them efficiently.

Power Steering System Overhauls

Trust us with major mechanical work on your power steering system. Whether it's a faulty pump, leaking hoses, or issues with the steering rack, our technicians diagnose and repair these components to restore precise steering control.

Forced Induction

Revitalize your vehicle's performance with our specialized major mechanical work tailored for forced induction systems. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle the intricacies of turbochargers and superchargers, offering expert diagnostics, repairs, and upgrades. Whether it's addressing boost issues, optimizing intercooler efficiency, or performing complete forced induction system overhauls, our workshop ensures your vehicle harnesses the full potential of forced induction technology.

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